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This Saturday I went to see some friends, who got an invitation to play at a club in Varna. I hadn't been to a concert in a while, so I decided to make the long trip and go see them, even though the Fetus Rape are a brutal death / grind band - not exactly my venue in the heavy scene. Despite this, however, I was pretty excited and was looking forward to it.

I got to the city, found the place – Bar Grind. It's a small club, located underground, with enough place for about 30 people, and a Fussball table. Soundcheck ensued, my friends from the band were a bit nervous (second concert ever), but the vibe and the beer were picking up gradually. People started coming in and the first band - SAUERKRAUT - opened up, with pig masks, gas helmets and a lot of enthusiasm. The small, but dedicated crowd jumped in and it all began..

I was still behind my camcorder - a small and not very professional piece. It gave it its best, and I even had focus from time to time. I was already feeling the familiar trance of the music entering my head, and there was a moment, when I just wanted to screw the camera and jump in the mosh pit. Somehow, my sense of duty got the better of me and I continued to record.

The switch between bands was quite fast (+1 beer) and Fetus Rape got on stage.

As I mentioned, grind / death is not really my favorite thing, I've always been closer to the new school hardcore scene. Moreover, this was the first time I got to hear Svet (guitars, programming), Boby (guitars, programming) and Vlad (bass, vocals). "Sometimes the music takes hold" said Keith Haring, and boy was he right. Even as they opened up, I was barely able to give the camcorder to a friend and the Music got me. This was one of the best club concerts I've ever been to! Euphoria, and the moshing lasted to the very end (and beyond), we were totally blown away! These guys are like a machine for brutal sound, which rolls over anything in its tracks. You have to be dead to not be swept by it, but taking the bands energy and style into account, even being dead is no safe bet. The music is very intelligently composed, while also being primal and loaded with fury and power. Its Real - and this is what counts in my book. Two hours and they showed us no mercy and no respite! People were falling over, jumping back up and into the fray - total blessed bliss.

And Fetus Rape are actually these positive and very cool guys. They're funny and they just play their favorite music - with a lot of feeling. And it totally works. The club owners said this has been one of the best shows in recent years so now the band has a standing invitation to play there whenever the hell they feel like it! The afterparty was in the seaside park, where probably the entire Grind Bar went after the concert. Everyone was (in some cases, mine included, literally) bloody tired, but satisfied through and through and we're all just waiting for the next one. Look me up in the mosh pit!


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